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Make Your Dad Special This Christmas

You may be desperately looking for some unique Christmas gift for dad. He is the person who has always gifted you with memorable moments and gifts. Now when you are thinking of giving him surprise this Christmas, you are looking for something extraordinary for your amazing dad. There are so many things that would be loved by him but let’s discuss here something that would really be unique.

Think of items that are rare

While you are thinking about Christmas gift ideas for your dad, one thing that you know is that he has almost everything that he needs. Then, when you are planning to gift him, you have to think different. Think about something that is no common yet he would have some use. Thus, while planning to arrange gift for him, you have to take care of his choice and preferences.

You may choose something like

  • Engraved leather bracelet for men
  • Personalized cufflink box
  • Personalized family poster

There are many more such items. As they are personalized you can write your message there. When you mention something special for your Dad on the gift, it becomes special.

Try to present something handmade

You can get a lot of Christmas gift for dad in the market (Click here to find the ideas What to get my dad for Christmas), but if you can gift him with some handmade gift, he would feel much better about it. There are so many different things that can be tried by you. Like if you know knitting then you may make a scarf for him. Your dad would be delighted when he gets a scarf with his initials on it.

When you gift someone with something made at home, they feel special as someone has given their time for making the gift special. This is something that would delight anybody and your dad would think that it was just few days back you were born! Now, you are ready to gift him with handmade gifts!

Spend some quality time with him

Another way you can make this festive season special is by taking him to dinner. He may asked and taken a lot of people for dinner. But when you ask him for a dinner date during this Christmas, he would surely feel great. Everybody loves to be cared and pampered and the person who has always done that to you would feel awesome when he gets the same from you. Take him out, spend some quality time with him and he would simply feel different this season.

Most Common Impurities In Water

Water is the basic need of mankind. This can be best known if we track historical civilization settlements. Every civilization settlement was near the water sources.

Nowadays too, the major habitations are near the water sources. Most common use of water is for drinking purpose.

But the changing environmental conditions and the affects of growing pollution levels have added many impurities to the water resources making the water not so adequate for drinking purpose.

The water needs to be treated, filtered and purified before serving it for drinking, washing and cleaning purposes because the impurity levels are very high in every water source.

The most common impurities that make the water unhealthy for drinking are discussed in detail below.

Organic waste particles:

The waste from human and animal defecation, waste food and material particles are the organic wastes produces by human and left to flow into the water. These impurities pollute the water and make it unhealthy to consume.

These types of impurities can be filtered out form water by the process of crude filtration.

Every individual must take care not let the organic waste flow into the water sources. Throwing of wastage into water bodies must be stopped at individual as well as social level.

Open defecation must be prevented by efforts from government efforts as well as by individual awareness.

The organic waste from large food processing firms, restaurants and animal defecation waste from animals produced at large scale at animal husbandry farms and dairy farms need to be checked out in routine.

Natural impurities:

The particles like sand, dust, mud and clay flow into water naturally. Such impurities sometimes enter into the water from the water source itself or may flow into the water source form outside. Light impurities keep floating on the water surface and make it impure for any kind of consumption. This type of impurities can be filtered out of water by ways of sedimentation and settlement. Care must be taken to avoid mud and dust to flow into water sources by maintaining proper water body embankments.

Metallic impurities:

These are the most hazardous impurities that form the basis of major diseases in human and animal biological systems.

The heavy metals are very poisonous for human body. Major heavy metal impurities that get added to water sources are Arsenic, Lead, and Iron etc.

The diseases that occur due to these metals are often fatal and very difficult to cure.

These impurities get added to the water sources due to waste flow from the manufacturing firms and industrial units. So a check must be kept on the waste effluents from such units. Environmental pollution standards and rules must be dealt with strictness.

Such type of impurities can be treated by process of filtration.

Some impurities like that of hard metals of Calcium and Magnesium make the water of hard quality. Such water is not suitable for washing, cleaning and drinking purposes.

Such impurities can be removed by making use ion exchange water softener.

Chemical wastes:

Various kinds of chemical salts make the water impure. Such impurities can get added to water form factory wastes and medicinal wastage that is thrown into the open water bodies. Fertilizers and pesticides, paints and synthetic drugs, plastics and dyes make sources for water impurities. Care must be taken to keep a check on these. Such impurities can be treated by various purification processes.

Use of water filters:

A good water filter (also known by reverse osmosis system, you might care ro system reviews) helps us in getting the well-treated and purified water. Water filter also adds pleasant flavor and healthy nutrients to the water.